Registration instructions for grantees

What is covered by the grant?

The Student Grant covers the following:

    • Early student registration for the ACL main conference

    • Early student registration for the BioNLP workshop

    • ACL Student membership

Before the 7th July 2016.

What do I need to do to benefit?

Please read carefully the following instructions before completing your registration to the ACL conference in order to get the benefit the grant.

We ask you to fill the on-line ACL conference registration form, and to forward the confirmation e-mail sent by ACL to Then we will directly pay ACL for your registration.

In order to give us time to process all grants before the early registration deadline, we ask you to fill the registration form at the latest Thursday 7th July. We apologize for the short notice.

Make sure that you fill correctly the registration form:

On "Step 2 of 6 Main Conference Registration", make sure you check:

  • "I qualify for student pricing"

  • "I need to join ACL" if you are not member of the ACL

  • "I need to register to the main conference"

  • "Student (early): 295$"

On "Step 4 of 6 Workshop Registration":

    • Register to BioNLP "W10 - 15th Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing"

On "Step 6 of 6 - Complete Registration":

    • Your order must total 455 US$

    • Do not pay for your registration for we cannot reimburse you. We will directly pay ACL for your registration. Select "Pay by faxed credit card (VISA / Mastercard only), check or wire transfer"

When you receive the confirmation e-mail from ACL:

  • Forward this message to

What if I'm an ACL member, I need to attend another workshop, or I won't attend to the main conference?

Registration to the BioNLP Workshop is mandatory for receiving the Student Grant.

If you want to register to a Tutorial, or to another 1-day Workshop, then the grant will not cover it. Your institution will have to pay for the extra Tutorial/Workshop.

If you are already member of the Association for Computational Linguistics, then the grant will cover the conference and BioNLP workshop registration (405 US$).

If you do not register to the ACL main conference, the the grant will cover ACL membership and BioNLP workshop registration (160 US$).